Fast and Cost-Efficient Epson Robots Increase Productivity in Custom-Built Automation System for Tier-One Automotive Supplier

Epson Robots Support Simple, Space-Saving Automation Solution for Automated Machine Systems, Inc.

Automated Machine Systems, Inc. (AMS), an industrial automation company, helps manufacturers increase productivity by designing and implementing factory automation systems. With decades of experience in assembly of automotive parts under its belt, AMS was sought after to help a local plastic injection molding company build a heat shield cover for the air intake manifold on Honda’s 2023 CRV model. An automated solution was the only option as the project required fast cycle times and the customer wanted to use as few operators as possible to contain costs.

To meet this demand, AMS looked into developing a robotic automation solution that would only need one operator per station. The discussion regarding possible solutions ultimately came down to one factor – robots had to be part of the equation. Based on a demo presented to AMS by a local automation components firm, they were convinced that Epson Robots would fit nicely into the rotary dial table design and provide the reliability and performance that was needed.

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