Breaking Through to the Toughest Customers

AV Concepts Collaborates with Epson to Create Memorable InfoComm Demos

Alex Howes, VP of Technology for AV Concepts, a nationally-recognized unique solutions provider in AV, staging, and technical design has spent more than five years working closely with Epson, using their projectors in many of the shows they stage. Those include four memorable demonstrations in the Epson booths at InfoComm since 2014.


“Everyone in the industry wanted to do projection mapping, so they asked us if we could do it in their booth, on a 16-foot scale model of a city,” Howes recalls. They did, and the demo proved so memorable that the cityscape became a theme for Epson marketing across their various divisions. On multiple levels, Howes says, the demos at InfoComm have been a resounding success. “For us, Epson technology speaks for itself. The goal was to stop people in their tracks and make them feel they had to come into the booth, where they would see what Epson has to offer. It was entertainment, not a hard sell, and it was very effective.”


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