Bridging the Gap Between the Physical and the Digital

Glass-Media Uses Epson LightScene for Unique Storefront and In-Store Retail Displays

Glass-Media uses Epson LightScene™ accent lighting and PowerLite® L laser projector series to pair with their proprietary rear, liquid crystal projection film. The result is bright, high-contrast images on store windows that are vibrant, attention-grabbing, and updateable in seconds to support retailers’ merchandising and promotional strategies.

“When I lived in San Diego, I walked to work each day and passed by dozens of brick-and-mortar retail locations,” recalls Daniel Black, CEO and founder of Dallas-based Glass-Media, Inc. “I realized most of them were using paper signs in their windows to communicate with the outside world.” “I started thinking about how ineffective that was. Here were people whose livelihoods were threatened by online sellers, and the best way they could fight back was to use marketing techniques that were centuries old to engage those in the immediate vicinity of their storefront.” 

In response, Black and his team designed, developed and commercialized an end-to-end solution that’s bridging the gap between online and physical commerce. It’s helping retail clients boost store traffic, build brand awareness, increase customer engagement and drive both offline and online conversion.
At the heart of their approach is laser projection from Epson, including the new LightScene accent lighting projector.

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