101 Museos: A New Way to Celebrate Mexican History and Culture

Epson ColorWorks C3500 printers make customized passports for admission to different museums in the country

The project of 101 Museos started when Manuel Ríos and his wife decided to create a guide of different museums. The couple, who has always enjoyed traveling around Mexico City, noticed by talking with their friends that there wasn’t accurate information about the variety of museums in Mexico. Originally a book with only 101 museums, a larger number could be added to the project, so in 2019 they decided to create a website with 200 museums. Today, the project has over 700 museums from all over the country.

In order to promote the website and museums, Ríos and his team decided to hold an event called Rally. Each participant is given a passport for the competition. In 2021, the original passport of the Rally was redesigned and is now almost identical to the Mexican passport.

The passport provides access to all the museums in Mexico and their benefits for users. With each visit to a museum, tourists or visitors receive a new stamp on their passports. Epson, a pioneer in printing technology, decided to collaborate with this project by providing a ColorWorks C3500* printer. This has helped them to offer the participants a fully customized passport.

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