Simple and Smartly Built

Engineering Firm Learns the Benefits of Epson WorkForce Inkjet Printers

“It just seemed too good to be true. Faster, cheaper and better quality?”

That’s Brian Looney, Principal and Civil Engineer for CRW Engineering Group, LLC, of Anchorage, Alaska, talking about the Epson WorkForce® Enterprise WF-C20590 A3 multifunction network printer. Looney had just finished a two-month free trial arranged by his local dealer Bruce Ross at Alaska Printer Supply, of the high-speed, high-volume printer, which uses Epson PrecisionCore® inkjet technology to compete with laser printers and copiers. Based on the trial, he knew the Epson was the obvious choice. As an engineering firm, CRW is all about simplicity and elegance. The 38-year-old company is known for its thoughtful solutions to the challenges of public infrastructure: designing roads, bridges, airports, utilities, and water and sewage systems. 

In 2008, the firm bought two state-of-the-art laser copiers. “They were great, at first,” Looney recalls, “with high quality color printing at 50 pages per minute. Gradually, however, they required more and more maintenance, until last year, at any given time one of them would generally be down,” he adds. He intended, at first, to buy replacements from the same company, getting their latest model, which prints at 75 pages per minute. But in doing his research, he learned about Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise inkjet printers. “Our dealer Bruce Ross said he had one in his shop, and I should come and check it out…Then he offered to put it in my office for a few weeks, with no commitment. We’ve always been happy with his customer care and personal touch, so I said yes.”

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