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Technology Shift Transforms Classrooms: Davenport University and Epson BrightLink Interactive Displays

Instructors Using Epson BrightLink Interactive Displays Like Giant Tablets at Davenport University in Michigan

“Especially now that everyone has a smart phone or tablet, the BrightLink has become a natural. Of course you want to use a BrightLink if you’re going to make a presentation, look up something online with your class, or turn over the podium to a student. It’s like a giant phone or tablet, and you can use it in just the same way.” That’s Brent Bean, ITS/Project Manager for Davenport University in Michigan, explaining why the school has installed Epson BrightLink Interactive Displays in every classroom across 11 campuses—and why they have begun upgrading to the new BrightLinks from earlier versions they began buying six years ago.


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