It’s All Upside

Epson robots save industrial electronics manufacturer money, time and headaches

Delta Systems is a manufacturer of switches, meters, controllers and displays for outdoor power equipment, utility vehicles, agricultural and light industrial machines and vehicles. The company was challenged with replacing an aging soldering operation at an electronics manufacturer with a robotic solution that can assemble 750,000 devices with more than two million solder joints each year. 

By integrating a new system in-house using five Epson SCARA robots and an Epson Teach Pendant helped them save half the cost of an off-the-shelf system while reducing downtime and extending the life of expensive soldering heads.

Today, Delta Systems uses more than 20 Epson robots for various pick and place, assembly, gluing and soldering operations. They have also integrated an Epson IntelliFlexTM parts feeding system to move parts into a system that assembles key switches for lawn tractors, producing almost two million switches each year.

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