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Building and Cultivating the Client Relationship

Hagan Business Machines Switches to Epson Document Scanners

Hagan Business Machines is one of the oldest and most respected independent resellers of copiers, printers and network solutions in western Pennsylvania. President Jay Verno explains that he had a multi-year relationship with a market leader in document scanners until their business service model changed. “They started shying away from allowing dealers to perform service, choosing to handle it internally instead. Our customers pushed back, not wanting to buy a product from us that we can’t service for them.” “What was worse,” adds Brent Gaidosh, sales manager of Hagan Business Machines, “was that our previous supplier began undercutting our efforts and calling on our best accounts. It created a bad environment for clients that were otherwise very happy.” “We signed up with Epson® because we know we can trust them,” Verno says. “Now, my technical people tell me that Epson’s setup and workflow is superior to what they’ve seen in others.” Epson, according to Verno and Gaidosh, works hard to accommodate its dealers and strengthen their relationships with clients. 

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