Epson Inkjet Printing Drives Church Productivity

Disruptive inkjet technology ideal for school and church high-volume printing, says former administrator

Epson is poised to remake the printer and copier business, says Ed Reigadas, who spent 16 years heading the purchasing and insurance departments of the Archdiocese of New York. Reigadas’ latest venture is Simpli Smart Office Inc., a company he and a partner founded specifically to sell Epson’s new high-speed office printers and copiers, in particular the WorkForce Enterprise WF‑C17590 and WF-C20590 Color Multifunction Network Printers.

In 2012, Reigadas became Executive Director of Institutional Commodity Services (ICS), a company wholly owned by the Archdiocese to handle its procurement. Among other innovations, he set up web-based ordering for the schools and churches, along with an internal financing system for office equipment. “We handled everything from janitorial support to the wine and hosts for Sunday Mass,” Reigadas recalls. “One of the things I learned was that, as the schools moved away from textbooks to online curricula, they had a greater need than ever for printing.”

He explains that, as their printing needs grew, most Archdiocese schools purchased a small laser or inkjet printer for each classroom teacher. “Desktop printers are cheap, because the money is in the toner or ink,” he says. “But the problem is that the school was paying for a ton of toner cartridges, and we could see that was a poor use of their funds.”

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