BrightLink Pro Interactive Displays Support Student Collaboration at JMU X-Labs

The lab at JMU X-Labs at James Madison University in Virginia is an active-learning classroom in every sense of the word. The lab houses equipment such as vinyl cutters, 3D printers and other maker space equipment for various types of projects and hosts “pop-up” classes on topics ranging from laser cut jewelry to liquid nitrogen ice cream. To support these innovative, collaborative classes, JMU X-Labs needed display technology that would allow students to share their projects with the class and interact with that content. To get large, interactive images, JMU selected Epson’s BrightLink Pro interactive displays. 

JMU X-Labs has received national attention for its innovative model for teaching students. The program is designed to align higher education with industry needs and develop creative, confident, and market-ready leaders who can devise new solutions for problems facing governments, businesses, and communities. 

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