The Highest Standard

Global nutritional supplements and lifestyle products supplier relies on Epson SurePress digital label presses

Lifeplus is a global supplier of nutritional supplements and lifestyle products. It produces hundreds of SKUs for products ranging from daily vitamins and superfood supplements to sports nutrition and skin care. With such a high volume of labels – over 400 product labels in 22 different sizes and eight different languages – Lifeplus required a simple, streamlined and automated approach to consistent label printing. Because nutraceutical product labeling regulations depend on the product’s classification, such as dietary supplement, food or food ingredient, compliance requirements vary and are critical. When it comes to packaging, any change in a product or process could render pre-printed labels obsolete and unusable, resulting in wasted inventory.

When evaluating which technology would be the best fit for its needs, Lifeplus noted that the SurePress' “color accuracy, machine reliability and label consistency were important factors.” Lifeplus initially installed two SurePress L-4533AW label presses and onboarded a third press, the SurePress L-6534VW, in order to support growth and keep its label printing volumes ahead of the production volumes.

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