Mapping the Moment

Media artist Joe Crossley uses Epson laser projectors to create massive, collaborative real-time artwork

Artist Joe Crossley of Astral Projekt was tasked with creating an immersive projection experience in the middle of the desert. Projecting onto a 360-degree plywood screen, Crossley and his team were up against limited setup time in harsh desert conditions.

Leveraging high-output projectors, Crossley and his team strive to do things that haven’t been done before. From plants to buildings, and mountains to rocks, through projection mapping Crossley transforms surfaces and environments into infinite possibilities. 

“With projection mapping, the space becomes a wide canvas where you can really push what the audience can experience,” explains Ramzi Shakra, product manager for large-venue projectors at Epson. “We love working with artists like Joe. As the largest projector manufacturer in the world, we’re obsessed with image quality, but it’s hard to know all of what our products can do, or what they can become, until artists take them and push them to their limits.”

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