Fast and Fluid

Sussex IM puts the Epson N6 Compact 6-Axis robot to work in a grueling environment

Sussex IM is an unusual company. While their main business is mid to high-volume injection molding, what differentiates them is an extensive value-add operation. Sussex does full product assembly, boxing, warehousing and logistics for many of their customers. A challenge that they came across in order to run their operations was adding speed and reliability to a complex, high-speed assembly process by eliminating two choke points: one in product assembly and one in packaging.

Early in 2021, Sussex introduced the Epson N6 Compact 6-Axis robots to streamline both operations by handling four, rather than one product assembly at a time with an unusually smooth motion profile. The N6 robots have been running flawlessly for more than two and a half years, with no need for repairs.  

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