Enhancing Productivity with Automated Pick-and-Place Operation

Epson-Powered Machine Vision System Solves Medical Industry Packaging Need

For more than 10 years, Plastimation has designed, built and integrated economical solutions for manufacturers’ automation needs. The company specializes in figuring out new processes to update, streamline and modernize customers’ current business operations through custom integrations, including anything from simple robotic tools to multi-robotic work cells.

To simplify installation for customers, Plastimation follows a modular design for automation systems. This design tactic allows customers to easily reposition parts of the system as needed for different applications. The modular design also allows for easy integration of products, such as Epson Robots that offer flexibility and ease of use, which mirrors Plastimation’s “plug-and-play” mentality.

Plastimation created a machine vision system powered by Epson’s Integrated Vision Guide and an Epson C4 Compact 6-axis Robot. The utilization of these two Epson components allowed for ease of integration, set up and operation.

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