Invigorating the Assembly Line with Automated Process for High-Mix Parts Feeding

Epson-Powered Flex-Feeding and Assembly System Solves Long-Time Manufacturing Challenge

Polymer Conversions, a medical device/plastic injection molding contract manufacturer, needed a more efficient way to assemble parts that required placing threaded brass inserts into injection molded bosses. Operators were performing the assembly manually and found it challenging to complete it accurately and consistently because the threaded brass inserts are small, and the top and bottom diameters of the inserts are similar. 

Engineered Vision, an Epson AutomateElitesm Gold partner, solved the challenge of high-mix part feeding for Polymer Conversions – and many other contract manufacturers -- with the Flex-Bot turnkey flex-feeding and assembly system.

Engineered Vision chose Epson Robots solutions to create the Flex-Bot system. The nerve center of the Flex-Bot system is Epson’s easy-to-use and award-winning T3 All-in-One SCARA Robot with built-in controller housed in the robot’s base.

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