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Infinity in a 12-foot Cube

Artist Refik Anadol and His Collaboration with Epson

Where does innovation come from? Where do leading technology providers get ideas for new products? For Epson, an important source is the visual artists they sponsor and collaborate with. One of the best is Refik Anadol, who literally paints with the light of Epson Pro L laser projectors.


The company has been partnering with Anadol since 2016, when they collaborated on his Infinity Room to be featured in the Epson booth at InfoComm in June of that year. Epson has provided equipment and expertise for Anadol’s other Infinity Room projects as well.


The Infinity Room is a sophisticated work of art, although the concept behind it seems simple: a 12 x 12 x 12-foot room that viewers step into, lined by mirrors on all four walls, the floor and ceiling, even the inside of the entrance and exit doors. Onto these surfaces are projected a moving array of geometrical patterns in black and white. The Epson projectors have helped Anadol in many ways. Each of the Epson-sponsored installations have used four 12,000-lumen Pro L laser projectors, which is an impressive amount of light for such a small space.


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