Rising to the Challenge

Adopting Epson Cleanroom SCARA Robots for Medical Syringe Manufacturing

For more than 35 years, NuTec Tooling Systems has designed and manufactured an extensive range of electro-mechanical automation solutions. The company specializes in solving the unique challenges of contract manufacturers and operations that produce complex components. Its team of experienced engineers and project managers help customers develop a clear vision of automated processes and then deliver custom projects that align with their goals. 

The concept phase of the syringe coating machine began in 2018, when engineers were challenged with how to automate syringe manufacturing, including coating the inside of the syringe to achieve a glass-like finish. What’s more, the machine had to be suited for cleanroom pharmaceutical manufacturing, an environment that requires very low particulate emissions and stringent cleanliness standards.

Epson SCARA robots are world renowned for their industrial reliability and performance capabilities. When combined with their ease of use and application versatility within the Epson RC+ development environment plus an ISO-3 rating and compliance with cleanroom standards, Epson proved to be the best choice for NuTec's design. The company ultimately employed four Epson SCARA G6 Cleanroom robots at various stations within the syringe coating machine.

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