Innovative Medical Device Manufacturing Integrator Standardized on Epson Robots for High-Performance, Value-Driven Assembly

Epson Robots Assist in Improving Automated Manufacturing Processes for Automationnth

Automationnth, known as an “Architect of Automation,” is an integration and machine building company based in Nashville, Tenn. Founded in 1999, it began its mission to enable its customers to be leaders in the global marketplace by providing world-class automated manufacturing systems and solutions. With many years of working with customers in the Life Sciences industry, Automationnth has established itself as a market expert in medical device assembly applications. 

“During one of our consultations, we came across a unique and challenging manufacturing problem,” Jeff Buck, vice president, Engineering, Automationnth. “Not only did we need to provide high-precision and high-performance robots on the front of the line, but we also needed time and cost-efficient robots on the end of the line to integrate into a whole assembly system to meet our medical device customer’s specific requirements.”

An established Epson customer since 2017, Automationnth looked to Epson Robots to meet the needs of this application. High precision and small component assembly is where it typically found Epson to be a market leader. Together, Automationnth and Epson Robots are helping manufacturers overcome automated assembly challenges by providing more efficient and productive solutions, ultimately saving time, frustration and costs.

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