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Like Magic: Rutgers University and Epson's Pro L1505UH projectors

Rutgers Lecture Halls Create a Truly Immersive Experience

Rutgers University, the eighth-oldest college in the United States, is unusually spread out, with students at its New Brunswick-area facilities forced to take busses between classrooms up to ten miles apart. To help address that issue, and to support shared classes with the Camden campus 30 miles away, Wilk and Assistant Chancellor Paul Hammond set out to design lecture halls that would allow audio and video content to travel rather than people.There are seven high-definition images in each room, each ten feet wide, produced by seven Epson Pro L1505UH projectors. Students in the near-end, or “throw” room see the professor live at the podium and, above the podium, three screens. The professor controls what goes on those screens, but in a tworoom connection, the outer screens most often show his or her presentation and the center an image of the far-end class. In a class connecting three rooms, the center screen shows the presentation and the outer screens show each of the other student groups.


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