Cost-Efficient Innovation Without Compromise

PRS Robotics delivers customer value at a different level

Practical Robotic Services’ (PRS) relationship with Epson dates back to when all robotics was handled directly through Seiko Epson in Japan. PRS has been an AutomateEliteSM partner since 2020 and stands behind the innovation and value that Epson brings to system integrators. With its vast experience in robotics automation, PRS values Epson’s open infrastructure which gives them the freedom to create solutions that can cost much less than competitors. 

PRS needed a cost-effective automated process for loading and shipping bulk SMB electronics components into tape holders and spool on reels in a cleanroom environment. Leveraging an ISO Cleanroom/ESD Compliant Epson G6 SCARA robot to automate a “pick and place” process allowed them to meet one of their customer’s target rate of 60 parts per minute, reducing labor by two operators per shift.

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