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Epson LightScene Enhances Multi-Sensory Environments

From audible and visual to taste, tactile and even proprioceptive, we are constantly inundated with stimulants from the world around us. Frequent exposure to various stimuli at a young age typically results in more efficient responses—understanding how things look and feel, personal preferences, and how people and situations relate to one another. These basic elements can help control decision making, and eventually leads to behavior driven by the unconscious mind. However, it’s not always easy for everyone to learn and adapt to these different stimuli. 

The Epson LightScene comes standard with a base that allows the therapist to pan, tilt, or rotate it 360 degrees. And since LightScene leverages solid-state laser technology without a mercury-halide lamp, it offers a low-maintenance, laser light source solution, while remaining cool to the touch and safe for the therapist to handle.

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