The Experience Factor

TruClear Global Puts LightScene Projection Technology in Center of the Experience Economy

From the closet to the pantry to the driveway, there are few corners of the American household you can’t shop for at the touch of a button. As e-commerce soars to new heights, businesses around the globe are pondering answers to the same question: How do you revive traditional brick and mortar? According to Julio Linares, product manager at TruClear Global, the solution lies in a single word: Experience. 

TruClear Global’s offerings include nano-optical coatings, or films, that can transform ordinary glass windows or panels into vivid interior- or exterior-facing displays. The company also creates TruPanel, TruCube, TruRound, TruDoor, and TruCharge displays that can activate static spaces with dynamic brand storytelling or advertising content.

The integration of Epson laser projector technology — specifically the compact LightScene accent lighting laser projector, which features a sleek  spotlight design — allows TruClear Global’s engineers to realize visions they previously thought impossible. 

“LightScene is something that changes the industry,” Linares notes. “Its spotlight form factor gives it the ability to be camouflaged within the ceiling of retail spaces. It seamlessly blends — almost melts — into the ceiling while providing memorable experiences.”

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