Keeping it Real

Artists and technologists bring people together in mixed reality experiences with Epson projection

Can a high-tech environment be calming as well as captivating, communal and immersive? Yes! says technology consultant Leila Amirsadeghi.

“There’s an opportunity here to create the next generation of entertainment that’s interactive, engaging and social,” she explains. The Unreal Garden, a multiplayer mixed reality environment, merges the strong appeal of online media and video games with face-to-face, person-to-person interaction. The platform it’s based on, which its developers call an example of “social reality,” merges video, sound, augmented reality, and other innovative technologies to create a beautiful, almost magical world. A crucial part of the experience is projection mapping using Epson LightScene accent lighting and Pro L-Series large venue laser projectors.

Amirsadeghi has been involved with immersive entertainment for more than two decades in one form or another. As CEO of consulting firm MESH, she works closely with Enklu, the developers of the platform on which The Unreal Garden was built to continue to drive the future of immersive mixed reality using AR as the foundation.

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