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Streamlining the Vote

Utah County turns to the Epson DS-970 document scanner to upgrade its voter registration process

Utah County is the seat of Provo, Orem and 27 other cities in central Utah. The county made statewide news in the November 2018 election, when the lines to vote stretched so long that some had to wait past 11 p.m. to fill out their ballots.

As new county clerk, Amelia Powers, made it her mission to streamline the voting process and make it as smooth, accurate and efficient as possible. She believes voting should take minutes, not hours, so she purchased new tabulation machines, and integrated a mobile voting app that allows military personnel, those traveling overseas and the disabled to cast their ballots remotely. Most importantly, she installed a new Epson DS-970color duplex workgroup document scanner to help streamline the voter registration process and significantly reduce the time it takes staff to process.

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