LONG BEACH, Calif. – March 29, 2019 – Epson America, Inc. today announced that it has amended its lawsuit against Curtis International Ltd. for falsely advertising the lumens of projectors manufactured and sold under the RCA brand name. The amended complaint names Technicolor SA as an additional defendant, and expands the false claims to include misleading images of the projectors in a well-lit environment and descriptions of the projectors as “Super Bright.” The lawsuit alleges dramatic inaccuracies in stated projector lumens or brightness performance of all models manufactured by Curtis International Ltd. including the RCA RPJ116, RCA RPJ116+, RCA RPJ119, RCA RPJ104, RCA RPJ129, and RCA RPJ136.

The RCA products are widely available online and in many major retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Curtis also manufactures projectors sold under other brand names that use these same false lumens claims. Independent testing conducted using existing standard procedures confirms these projectors typically emit as little as 1% of the claimed lumens performance:

Currently Available RCA/Curtis Projector Models – Claimed vs. Measured Lumens:

Brand Manufacturer Model #

Actual Lumens Measured

Claimed Lumens Actual Lumens % of Specified Performance Claim


Curtis RPJ116-B-PLUS 18 2,000 1% "Super-Bright"
RCA Curtis RPJ104 21 2,000 1% "Super-Bright"
RCA Curtis RPJ119 32 2,200 1% "Super-Bright"
RCA Curtis RPJ-116+ 30 2,000 2% "Super-Bright"
RCA Curtis RPJ116 32 2,000 2% "Super-Bright"
RCA Curtis RPJ136 38 2,200 2% "Super-Bright"
RCA Curtis RPJ129 190 3,100 6% "Super-Bright"


Projector brightness, measured in lumens and tested according to industry standards, is the number one specification used by consumers in the purchase process to compare performance. Epson has worked diligently to ensure its projectors meet industry standards and that misleading public claims by other manufacturers are corrected.

“When manufacturers use blatantly misleading specification claims – it hurts the entire industry – from consumers, schools and businesses to retailers, dealers and suppliers,” said Mike Isgrig, vice president, consumer sales and marketing, Epson America, Inc. “Epson ensures its performance claims are based on projector industry standards, and takes it seriously when competitors misstate specs that mislead consumers. This practice makes it impossible for consumers to make informed purchase decisions and is damaging to the credibility of the industry and those who support it.”

Epson recently attained a permanent injunction and damage award for $5 million as a result of its successful litigation against iRulu for similar false advertising of lumens ratings. The current suit against Curtis International Ltd. and Technicolor SA aims to protect consumers, who may think they are buying a projector with a high lumens rating capable of projecting large, vibrant images, when it actually emits a very small fraction of the advertised lumens and images may not be discernible. 

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