LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. – Feb. 15, 2023 – As one of the first online print-on-demand manufacturers, Gotham City Online needed a scalable printing solution to keep up with their growing business and increasing customer orders. As both business needs and technology evolved, Gotham City turned to Epson direct-to-garment (DTG) solutions to scale and streamline their apparel business. Today, Gotham City has installed a fleet of Epson SureColor® F2100 and SureColor F3070 DTG printers to produce an assortment of textile products. As a result, they have experienced a more efficient workflow along with new opportunities for customization, allowing for an expanded product offering.

A video highlighting Gotham City’s success with Epson printers can be found here.

“The next-generation technology offered in the SureColor F2100, and then again in the SureColor F3070 industrial series, really blew our minds,” said David Topkins, co-founder, Gotham City Online. “The SureColor F3070 includes compelling features, such as increased print speed, enhanced functionality, and sensitivity of the platen height. Due to its speed, we’ve seen better ROI with orders that require larger images.”

With the SureColor F3070 industrial features, Gotham City has experienced an increase in productivity with larger sized garments, and garments with big images. In addition, thicker apparel, such as sweatshirts, have benefited due to the new platen height sensor in the SureColor F3070, making printing on a sweatshirt pocket easier than ever.

The Epson DTG printers have integrated into the manufacturer’s job pull automation system to further streamline workflow, increase efficiency and have provided a scalable solution. “Opening up the SDK, allowing us to really integrate, control and tie our systems into controlling the equipment made a huge difference,” said Jonathan Garriss, CEO of Gotham City Online

Topkins continued, “Epson printers have allowed us to scale up the business as we needed to. The printers are set-up in a pod configuration and that helps us to increase production as needed during peak season and when we have a surge in demand.”

Gotham City’s team also experienced benefits with the bulk ink tanks on the SureColor F3070 and simple maintenance features. “The SureColor F3070 allows us to schedule maintenance, so we can minimize the negative impact to our production,” said Garriss. “It’s not constantly going down; we don’t have the Epson repair person here all the time. However, it’s also nice having that support network from Epson, having that point of contact and them controlling the quality from beginning to end, whether it’s through the ink, to the parts, to cleaning kits, it is nice to have a streamlined solution.”

“The advances that Epson has made enable us to keep our business running,” says Topkins, “We have been happy with Epson products – the machines, consumables and customer service.”

“The Epson DTG printers were created to help companies build reliable, streamlined businesses for printing custom content,” said Tim Check, senior product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc. “We are pleased that Gotham City has used our DTG technology to scale their business to meet increasing demands and deliver outstanding products.”

For more information about Epson’s direct-to-garment solutions, visit www.epson.com/dtg.

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