Press Coffee Serves Convenience with Quality

SpeedETab and Epson TM-m30 wireless printers deliver a personalized mobile ordering experience with big brand benefits.

Press Coffee’s owner, Steve Kraus and partners Jason Kyle and Alex Mason, understand the power of customer experience in building their brand. They also know that convenience is almost as important as the brew. So, when they heard about SpeedETab, a mobile ordering platform that provides enterprise-class ordering, analytics and engagement tools, they were all ears. SpeedETab integrates into popular cloud-based POS solutions including Toast, Revel and Square, and also offers a standalone solution which displays customer photos on orders for a concierge-style pickup experience. Epson’s sleek TM-m30 wireless mobile printers are an integral component of SpeedETab’s merchant solution. As mobile orders are received on an iPad running SpeedETab POS, they are wirelessly printed via Bluetooth on the Epson TM-m30 at the barista or cashier station.

“Coffee shops are looking for hassle-free ways to label order-ahead cups and bags, and Epson label printers are the most reliable we’ve tested,” noted SpeedETab CEO Adam Garfield. Likewise, Press Coffee is working to grow loyal patrons through special “app-only” deals that showcase its mobile ordering capability like limited-time breakfast bundles and themed coffee-day offers that are redeemed by entering unique promo codes into the app. By continuing its quest for convenience and quality, Press Coffee is serving loyalty in every cup.

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