Food and Fun Fly at Taco Daddy Cantina

MobileBytes Restaurant POS with Epson TM-T88V and TM-U220 Printers Keep Table and Bar Service Sizzling Hot.

With the opening of its first location just weeks away, Taco Daddy needed help fast. Founder Neel Kamal reached out to Essential Systems Solutions (ESS), the leading restaurant POS reseller and service provider in Frederick, MD, just minutes from the restaurant. After assessing Kamal’s needs, budget and timeframe, ESS recommended MobileBytes, a comprehensive, cloud-based POS system that was affordable and intuitive to use.


ESS also recommended Epson POS printers for their long-term reliability in restaurant environments. “Epson is our go-to printer. Over the years, Epson has proven to be the most durable and very easy to configure.” Another plus, Tash noted, is the ease of adding Epson printers to a network. “They’re really easy to hook in and get rolling.” Since implementing basic POS functions, service at Taco Daddy has greatly improved. To grow its base, Taco Daddy plans to expand services at the Gaithersburg location with MobileBytes integrated online ordering, a customer loyalty program and pay-at-the-table service using mobile tablets with Epson handheld printers.


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