Hype: Textile Printing Company Grows Exponentially with the Monna Lisa 8000

Strong relationships, exceptional quality standards and a commitment to social and environmental responsibility has enabled Hype to stand out and grow since 2018

Hype is a digital textile printing company based in Argentina that uses pigment ink. The company was co-founded in 2018 and launched with three people — working seven days a week— and quickly attracted an increasing number of customers. The rise in the popularity of clothing sales via social media during the pandemic provided a significant boost to the business, facilitating the establishment of partnerships with major customers.

A significant aspect for Hype is their commitment to reducing the company’s environmental footprint. In alignment with their environmental objectives, the Monna Lisa 8000 Digital Direct-to-Fabric printer plays a major role, offering substantial reductions in water consumption compared to traditional printing methods.

While Hype’s founders agree that service, quality and productivity are the outstanding features of the Monna Lisa printer, it’s the customer response that they’ve found most remarkable since the installation.

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